What will you learn?


The Media AMP is a learning journey that addresses the knowledge, mindsets, skills and capabilities required to succeed as a CEO, GM or senior executive in the media and entertainment sectors.

Through open discussion with trusted peers, faculty-led debate, action-oriented activities, coaching and deep reflection, you will develop a number of key competencies that will transform the way you lead.


Integrative thinking

Integrate and align functions, units or geographies around the core goals, strategies and values of your organization. You’ll be a better bridge builder, translator, aligner.

Innovation mind-set

Identify and exploit opportunities for new products, new services or new markets. You’ll know who to deploy when you need to use creativity to leverage.

Decision analysis

Gain a deep understanding of your broader competitive context and pan-organizational goals, and the tools to navigate in uncertainty.

Change competency

You’ll drive change. You’ll identify the levers and the key people to build impetus, and follow through on implementation.

Negotiating and influencing

Lead complex negotiations to more effective outcomes. Align diverse stakeholders, resources and capabilities around enterprise-level objectives.


Translate complex problems into simple, meaningful explanations. Resolve crises, disputes or customer challenges, and build commitment around shared goals.

Self Management

Develop heightened empathy, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Improve interpersonal skills to develop talent and minimize barriers to achievement.

Team management

Empower others to achieve new levels of success, delegating authority to enable the team to work without direct management.


The Media AMP provides cross-functional and multi-faceted perspectives on the key concepts, areas and domains that are shaping the future of the media and entertainment industries.

You will explore leadership in the context of:

Seeing the Big Picture
  • Global economic outlook and implications for the media industry
  • Tools to resolve ambiguous business problems and deliver effective change management
  • Economics of media businesses in legacy and emerging business models
  • Changing nature of advertising
  • Competitive and corporate strategy in the context of digital, global change
  • Dynamics of power and influence

Capturing a Constantly Shifting Audience

  • Audience segmentation, media marketing, content distribution and advertising
  • Changing consumer trends and the behaviors and expectations of Millennials
  • Strategies and tactics for improved audience research and analytics
  • Innovation and innovative processes
  • Ambidextrous leadership in a market prone to turmoil

Bridging Rapidly Changing Business Models

  • Digital mindset
  • Digital, creation, distribution and revenue models
  • Double-sided platforms
  • Intrapreneurship and platforms
  • Intellectual capital in the digital age

Sustaining Growth in Uncertainty

  • Customer centricity
  • Creating service value
  • Managing and leading creative people
  • Financing growth
  • Risk management and decision-making

Building and Leading a Digital Future

  • Mobile disruption and opportunities
  • Media startups and emerging business models
  • Partnerships and alliances in brands and sectors
  • Global strategy and competition
  • Negotiating in collaborative and competitive contexts
  • Future scenarios and planning


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