What will you learn?


The C-Suite Pathway Program will give you with a big-picture view of the international business landscape and the emerging trends and disruptive forces that could impact your business. A Personalized Leadership Journey will boost your self-knowledge and capacity to drive positive organizational changes.

The program is led by faculty from IESE and NYU Stern, who expertly guide classroom debates and discussions to harness the cohort’s collective expertise and perspectives.


Integrative Thinking

A Big-Picture View

Bolster your understanding of the international business context and ability to identify market opportunities and threats.

Innovative Mindset

Innovation Mindset

Learn to think like an entrepreneur to optimize your operations and better leverage talent, technology and other resources.



Clearly articulate and communicate your objectives and vision to ensure it underscores everything you do.

Icon-Change Competency

Change Management

Drive positive change by identifying and building the macro-framework and change agents to optimize organizational processes and systems.

Icon Decision Maker

Emerging Technologies

Understand digital disruption from a strategic vantage point and develop new insights to future-proof your business model.


Systems Thinking

Take a deep dive into core business areas and their interlocking nature, and embrace an integrative approach to address complex business problems.



Become a better leader through enhanced self-awareness, emotional and social intelligence, communication skills and learning agility.


Strategy Execution

Improve your ability “get things done” by detecting and implementing the structures, systems and operational your team needs to succeed.


The C-Suite Pathway Program uses a blend of dynamic action-oriented learning methodologies to address the most critical challenges and issues of top-tier leadership.

Expand Your Perspective

Widen your outlook of the international business and awareness of emerging trends, disruptive forces and leadership challenges in the 2020s.

Personalized Leadership Journey

Enhance your ability to lead through one-on-one coaching, informative diagnostics, mentoring and other proven methodologies.

Bolstering Your Strategic Thinking

Address organizational complexity from a top-management view by exploring the interlinking roles of finance, marketing, sales, operations, supply chain and other core business areas.

Innovation Mindset

Explore new business models, innovation tools and strategies to foster an entrepreneurial mindset.

Decision Making

Learn to address challenges from an integrative viewpoint and hone your decision making in a VUCA context.

Communication and Negotiation

Elevate your communication and negotiation skills and ability to motivate bottom-up, results-oriented change.


#1 in Executive Education 2015-2020 by Financial Times | IESE Business School
#2 in Executive Education 2022 by Financial Times | IESE Business School
#3 in Open Programs 2022 by Financial Times | IESE Business School

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