What will you learn


The Global CEO Program is a learning journey that addresses the knowledge, mindsets, skills and capabilities required to lead your enterprise to unprecedented levels of excellence.

You will have the support and access to the expertise of a unique faculty of professors from IESE and the Wharton School.

Through discussion, debate, action-oriented activities, peer coaching and deep reflection, you will develop a number of key competencies that will transform your global leadership.


Integrative Thinking

Integrative thinking

Develop a clear view of the future of your company and set its long-term direction in the global competitive context.

Innovative Mindset

Innovation mind-set

Enhance your entrepreneurial faculties, spot the global trends and connect the dots to capitalizing on technology, resources and talent.

Icon Decision Maker

Decision analysis

Make swift decisions with incomplete knowledge and in uncertain environments, melding your big picture vision with your executive team’s expertise

Icon-Change Competency

Change competency

Be a driver of change. Identify, select and build the macro-framework and change agents to build better processes and systems.


Negotiating and influencing

Interact with a broad spectrum of stakeholders with deftness and versatility.



Articulate your company’s vision, its values and its mission – setting an example and becoming a source of inspiration.


Self Management

With a heightened sense of humility, be better attuned to listening and learning from what is happening in the global environment.



Drive your organization in one direction, building a legacy that will allow your business to thrive for decades to come.


Our Global CEO program provides multi-faceted perspectives on different domains to give you the broader, deeper vision to define the long-term direction of your business.

You will explore leadership in the context of the global economy, competing in the digital age, building entrepreneurial ventures, strategy definition and execution.

View from North America (The Wharton School)

  • Global trends and regional markets
  • Becoming a transformational leader to drive innovation and creativity
  • Strategic decisions and financial value creation
  • Marketing, social, mobile, cloud and analytics

View from Asia

  • Asian political and economic dynamics and geo-politics with neighbors
  • Global impact of transitional Asia – from exports to domestic consumption
  • Business model innovations and emerging trends around the world
  • Re-thinking business models and growth strategies in an integrated Asian free-trade region
  • Leading cross-border operations

View from Europe (IESE Business School)
  • Factors shaping global marketplace
  • New business models and growth strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Cross-border strategies
  • Change management


#1 in Executive Education 2015-2020 by Financial Times | IESE Business School
#2 in Executive Education 2022 by Financial Times | IESE Business School
#3 in Open Programs 2022 by Financial Times | IESE Business School

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