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The journey from leader to leader-coach

In IESE’s Leadership Coaching Program you’ll learn how to motivate and empower others to successfully navigate challenging times. Through a mix of dynamic learning, interactive lectures and coaching supervision, you’ll gain a coaching mindset and fresh strategies to engage and inspire others. This 8-week program will benefit both C-level executives who aspire to foster a coaching culture and executive coaches seeking to magnify their client impact.
The IESE Leadership Coaching Program is led by distinguished faculty members and executive coaches who reflect a diversity of cultures and areas of expertise. It is currently in the process of accreditation with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, one of the world’s most prestigious coaching industry bodies.





Barcelona campus
and a remote module






  • Cultivate a coaching mindset and core competencies to promote continuous self-development, learning, growth and innovation in your organization.
  • Expand your understanding of human behavior and development and their interplay with executive coaching processes.
  • Acquire essential coaching knowledge and practice to earn ICF (International Coach Federation) credentials.
  • Develop coaching capabilities to help leaders, teams and organizations bolster their performance across diverse contexts and cultures.
  • Gain deeper self-awareness to support your personal and professional growth.
  • Share experiences with peers, coaches and professors in a safe environment.


The program is delivered in a blended format, including two five-day residential modules in Barcelona and a remote learning module. Over eight weeks, you will acquire executive coaching fundamentals and grow in self-awareness via experiential coaching sessions and coaching supervision.

  • MODULE 1

    Foundations of Decision Making:
    Learning the IESE Coaching Model


    Format: 5-day residential module
    Date and Location: September 13-17, 2021 · Barcelona

    MODULE 1

    Develop a thorough understanding of the core components of executive coaching using IESE’s awareness-and-action coaching framework.

  • MODULE 2

    Improving Business Performance


    Format: Online module
    Date: September 27 – November 5, 2021

    MODULE 2

    In module 2,  you will practice core elements of individual and peer coaching through a mix of webinars, learning pills, individual readings and
    mentoring sessions.

  • MODULE 3

    Integrate and Transfer


    Format: 5-day residential module
    Date and Location: November 22-26, 2021 · Barcelona

    MODULE 3

    In the third module, you will apply your newly acquired mindset to different contexts: resilience and stress management, agile leadership and
    dealing with uncertainty, internal coaching, digital transformation, and diversity and cross-cultural environments.


The IESE Leadership Coaching Program uses several different learning methodologies to ensure engagement and a long-term learning impact.


A core learning methodology at IESE, case studies sharpen your strategic and critical-thinking capabilities by placing you in the role of a chief decision maker. You’ll analyze real-life executive-coaching scenarios and gain new insights in guided discussions with peers.


IESE professors foster a dynamic learning environment aimed at leveraging the cohort’s collective expertise. They encourage participants to share their unique experiences and perspectives, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.


Coaching triads are a highly effective methodology to develop and practice your coaching skills in a safe setting. Using this method, three people alternate in the roles of coach, coachee and observer, who analyzes the interaction and offers constructive feedback to both parties.


A “coach for coaches,” this learning practice is founded on reflective dialogue to ensure coaches continuously enhance their performance and ability to benefit their employees and clients.


Under the guidance of an expert mentor, you’ll work in small teams to resolve doubts and assimilate the core tenets of the coaching model. In the process, you’ll gain new insights from both your mentor and peers.


Videotaped activities will give you real-time insight on your efficacy and offer a platform for peer learning.

  • Testimonial

    Executive coaching is a powerful learning methodology grounded on trust. Through a blend of academic rigor and deep experiential learning, the program offers an evidence-based coaching model to help participants spur growth and innovation, both inside and outside their organizations.

    Alberto Ribera

  • Testimonial

    The IESE Coaching Leadership Program exposes senior leaders and executive coaches to cutting-edge methodologies, all designed to boost their coaching effectiveness. They emerge better equipped to inspire positive change in their specific contexts.

    Estíbalitz Ortiz

    Estíbalitz Ortiz
    Ph.D. in Mentoring and Coaching, IESE Business School


The IESE Leadership Coaching Program is delivered by experienced faculty and senior executive coaches from the IESE Coaching Unit. Reflecting an array of cultures and areas of expertise, they boast extensive executive-coaching expertise through their collaborations with a broad range of clients and industries, and credentials from globally recognized institutions.

Alberto Ribera
Academic Director
Professor of Managing People in Organizations
Doctor of Medicine, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
Ph.D. in Economics, UIC Barcelona

Nuria Chinchilla
Professor of Managing People in Organizations
Ph.D. in Economics and Business Management, IESE Business School

Yih-Teen Lee
Professor of Managing People in Organizations
Ph.D. in Management, HEC, University of Lausanne

Estíbalitz Ortiz
Executive Director of IESE’s Coaching Unit
Ph.D. in Philosophy, IESE Business School

Anneloes Raes
Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations
Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, Maastricht University

Arthur C. Brooks
Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School and Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School

Matthias Ehrhardt

Matthias Ehrhardt
Founder & Director of the AUTORIS Institute for Talent Development (Boston)
Dr. iur. and Dr phil, University of Munich

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