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The experience begins with an online preprogram to optimize learning and prepare the terrain, followed by three intensive modules in the Netherlands, Brazil and Kenya.
The AgriFood Executive Global Program is delivered across a modular format. This means that you can pursue your professional development with minimal disruption to your responsibilities. It also means you implement new concepts between modules, with immediate impact on your business.

Online preprogram sessions starts October 7, 2019. Followed by three residential 5-days modules:

  • MODULE 1

    Understanding the business landscape

    The Netherlands

    October 7-11, 2019

    MODULE 1

    • Global trends: the impact of geopolitical dynamics in the agrifood sector
    • Decision making in VUCA contexts
    • Managing the global agrifood value chain
    • Customer centricity: value creation and customer expectations
    • Leveraging digital technologies
    • Leading teams in the digital age
    • Strategic thinking

  • MODULE 2

    Strategic frameworks for smart business development

    São Paulo, Brazil

    January 20-24, 2020

    MODULE 2

    • Setting the context for innovation
    • Reshaping business models
    • Scaling innovations in the agrifood sector
    • Operational excellence: lean management
    • Operational excellence: food safety
    • Design of smart and sustainable strategies for global value capture
    • Executive Challenge: Round I

  • MODULE 3

    Shaping the future leadership model

    Nairobi, Kenya

    May 11-15, 2020

    MODULE 3

    • Tools for strategy implementation
    • Create an agile company through empowerment
    • The building blocks of corporate reputation
    • Ethics in leadership and governance
    • Managing across borders
    • Cross-cultural diversity
    • Moving organization: driving change
    • Power and influence in a dynamic and complex agrifood environment
    • Executive Challenge: Round 2


The AgriFood Executive Global Program (AEGP) is a joint initiative of IESE Business School and Wageningen University & Research. This powerful alliance leverages the expertise of two globally recognized institutions to help participants enhance their strategic vision and identify new opportunities for growth.

  • IESE Business School was established in 1958 to develop business leaders who aspire to have a profound, positive and lasting impact on people, firms, and society. The school’s humanistic and ethical foundation guides us in everything we do. Our commitment to responsible leadership and emphasis on people as the primary drivers of positive change are undoubtedly what set us apart.
    IESE’s partner-centric perspective, attested agility and broad network enable us to deliver unrivalled learning experiences anywhere in the world. IESE programs are consistently top-ranked by the most prestigious global media outlets, testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence
  • Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is among the world’s premier universities. Our mission is “to explore the potential of nature and improve quality of life,” with a focus on is on healthy food and living environments.The Wageningen Academy organizes the WUR’s Executive Education programs. The activities offered are an excellent way to stay abreast of the latest knowledge, developments and trends in healthy food and living environments. All our activities connect knowledge gained from the WUR with the habits and practices of daily life. “Today’s knowledge, Tomorrow’s business.”


The development of this program is governance by the AEGP Foundation and is sponsored by:


Executive Education 1st in world, FT 2015-2019

Custom Programs 1st in world, FT 2018-2019
Open Programs 3rd in world, FT 2018

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