What will you learn


The AgriFood Executive Global Program provides a platform for dynamic insider interaction on the challenges and opportunities facing agrifood executives today.

Participants embark on a high-impact learning journey that features a blend of diverse learning
methodologies, company visits and real-life business cases.

Outstanding faculty specialized in the agrifood sector and global management lead the learning journey, exposing participants to innovative frameworks, perspectives and leadership tools to help
them better compete in today’s complex and fast-paced markets.


Innovation is required throughout the system at different levels:

Laying the foundation

The program starts with three synchronous online sessions that connect AEGP participants through a Virtual Classroom.
In real time, they debate and discuss business cases and participate in interactive lectures.

Understanding the business landscape

The international scope of the agrifood industry has expanded dramatically since the Green Revolution first took root, with cross-border value chains giving rise to a network of new cooperative ventures.
In this module, participants examine the most relevant trends and global shifts impacting the industry, including food security, sustainability, climate change, digital transformation and evolving consumer behaviors.

Strategic frameworks for smart business development

More than ever, success in the agrifood industry requires the ability to effectively develop and implement solid corporate strategies. This module is designed to help participants boost their ability to design and execute robust business strategies capable of withstanding internal and external industry pressures.
Using a highly practical approach, the module also explores entrepreneurial initiatives and other drivers that play a role in bolstering long-term corporate sustainability.

Shaping the future leadership model

Transparency, health and sustainability, along with effective and efficient production methods, form the cornerstones of the agro-alimentary industry. Both consumers and producers want to know more about the origin, quality and safety of foods, as well as how its transport impacts the wider global footprint.
This module delves into the requisite leadership mindset to effectively recognize, navigate and respond to these challenges and tensions, and ultimately contribute to a more transparent and sustainable global ecosystem.


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Open Programs 3rd in world, FT 2018

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