Why we’re different

Developing leaders since 1958

The IESE’s Business Acceleration Program  isn’t just another program. It’s a rigorous – and rewarding – path toward where you want to go and who you want to be. You’ll be surrounded by talented peers, supported by world-class faculty and challenged by real-life business cases. We’ll put you to the test, so that you may reach your full potential.

The BAP gives you the benefits of IESE’s 60+ years of experience, its deep ties with Harvard and its unique global reach. We’ve earned our reputation. And we’ll help you earn yours.

The case method

It puts you in the position of the decision-maker. Working in small teams, you’ll analyze actual business problems and create workable solutions.  Guided by expert faculty, you’ll then debate the problem in class, defending your decisions and convincing others to follow you – as they do the same.

The case method will sharpen your thinking and communication skills. How do you approach business problems? How do you reconcile different perspectives? What’s the best course of action? How can you persuade others? These are some of the core skills of any business leadership role.

During the program, 80% of your classes will use the case method covering diverse scenarios but share a common denominator: the need for a decision. So the question is: what will you do?

Top international faculty

IESE’s faculty includes full-time and part time professors. All full-time professors have PhDs from prestigious universities. They are also highly international, representing more than 20 nationalities, and bring vast relevant expertise from the highest levels of business.

Faculty members serve on diverse corporate boards and publish their research in leading academic journals, combining real-world experience with pioneering academic insights.

IESE professors have an “open-door” policy and provide you with invaluable mentoring and guidance. They cultivate rich exchanges of ideas that make the most of the combined experience in your classroom.

In IESE Business Acceleration Program you will have the opportunity to share experience with some of the following professors…

Antonio Dávila

Iniciativa Emprendedora y Contabilidad y Control.
Doctor in Business Administration, Harvard University.

Heinrich Liechtenstein

Financial Management
Doctor of Business and Economic Sciences, University of Vienna.

Núria Mas

PhD in Economics, Harvard University.

Julia Prats

Doctor of Business Administration, Harvard University.

Anneloes Raes

Associate Professor of Managing People in Organizations
Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, Maastricht University.

Marc Sachon

Production, Technology and Operations Management
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Stanford University.

Sandra Sieber

Professor of Information,
PhD in Management, IESE, University of Navarra.

Govert Vroom

Professor of Strategic Management
Ph.D. in Management, INSEAD

A truly local and global business school

Business doesn’t stop at borders, and neither does the IESE BAP. In class, you’ll learn to understand diverse cultures alongside peers from other nationalities.

During the program you’ll develop a global vision of business and gain insights into the trends that are shaping the world.

IESE and Harvard Business School

Internationally renowned faculty, world-class executive education, integrity, values, diverse student population and active learning are but a few of the qualities Harvard Business School and IESE share.

What is perhaps less known, is that for more than 60 years, the Harvard-IESE Committee has striven to bring these values – and more – to Europe and the rest of the world.

More than 60 years of academic collaboration, faculty exchange and sharing the same mission: to develop leaders with integrity prepared to make an impact on society and business.

In 1963 Harvard Business School formed an alliance with IESE Business School. Bringing the case method to the IESE classrooms was just the beginning. Over the years, IESE professors began writing their own cases, designing their own innovative and vanguard academic theories. Making their own impact and becoming thought leaders in their own right. Today, IESE’s faculty is part of what makes IESE stand out from other European business schools.

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