What will you learn?


The Program for Management Development (PMD) is a transformational learning experience.

Through open interchange with trusted peers, faculty-led debate, action-oriented learning activities and simulations you will build a number of key leadership competencies.

And accelerate your transition to senior business leadership.


Integrative Thinking

Integrative thinking

Understand different business functions. Adopt the perspective of a senior generalist.

Innovative Mindset

Innovation mind-set

Address business problems with creativity, leveraging solutions and resources from different sources.

Icon Decision Maker

Decision analysis

Make better, more confident decisions based on a broader perspective with a deeper understanding of cross-functional dynamics.

Icon-Change Competency

Change competency

Plan the resources and the tactics to execute change and deliver results, developing key negotiation skills.


Self Management

Assess your strengths, and identify improvement areas and growth opportunities as a leader.


Negotiating and influencing

Understand the needs of your organization and ensure that your team is aligned. Advocate for your function.



Cascade your organization’s vision to build buy-in and to stream-line processes. Learn to motivate others to get things done.


Team management

Manage your team more effectively, resolving conflict and driving performance.


The Program for Management Development (PMD) delivers cross-functional perspectives on different areas of management. The program builds your knowledge and broadens your perspective to help you prepare to take on the responsibilities of a senior management generalist.

Preparing for the journey ahead
Before the program begins you will connect with peers to lay the foundations for executive group work, and you will use self-evaluation techniques to prepare for the journey ahead.

Building foundations
Explore leadership – of yourself and others – as you broaden your understanding of key business functions in the context of general management and the global economy.

Setting your sights
Bring new insight and knowledge to bear on your personal and professional challenges and goals, and start preparing for a strategy simulation that will put new skills to work.

Moving into rapid waters
Formulate your 100-day plan – a roadmap for the future built on deeper understanding of global leadership and a broadened, more integrative mindset.

Fortifying skills and understanding
Put theory into practice. Deploy new skills, enhanced critical thinking and a general management approach to business challenges in an exciting strategy simulation with your team.

Steering into full flow
Bring it all together, cementing your 100-day plan, delivering your team executive project and participating in a 360-degree debrief. Empowered to step up to the challenges of organizational leadership.

Transformation in action
Take your 100-day plan into your workplace with full support from peer-to-peer coaching and faculty. You will have a new understanding, mindset, perspectives and approach, and be equipped to deliver immediate, powerful and sustained impact.


#1 in Executive Education 2015-2020 by Financial Times | IESE Business School
#2 in Executive Education 2022 by Financial Times | IESE Business School
#3 in Open Programs 2022 by Financial Times | IESE Business School

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Program for Management Development (PMD)

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