Open Days


Your career revolves around decision-making, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make is to prepare yourself for senior leadership. If you’re considering an executive education program, come and learn first-hand about IESE’s International Open Programs. Don’t miss the chance to take part in a master class in the case method, a learning method that explores real business challenges and is used by the best business schools worldwide.

At IESE we help you strengthen your leadership and your management abilities. If you’re ready to make a professional leap forward, now’s the time.

Oct 11, 2019Program for Management Development (PMD)BarcelonaRegister
Oct 23, 2019Program for Management Development (PMD)MunichRegister
Nov 14, 2019Advanced Management Program (AMP)BarcelonaRegister
Dec 13, 2019Program for Management Development (PMD)BarcelonaRegister
Jan 24, 2020Advanced Management Program (AMP)BarcelonaRegister
Feb 20, 2020Program for Management Development (PMD)BarcelonaRegister
May 22, 2020Program for Management Development (PMD)BarcelonaRegister
Jun 11, 2020Advanced Management Program (AMP)BarcelonaRegister
July 23, 2020Program for Management Development (PMD)BarcelonaRegister
Sep 17, 2020Advanced Management Program (AMP)BarcelonaRegister